The End of the Year

I am home for the first weekend in a long while, and as I write this I am already in my ‘cozy’ PJs (it is only 6pm)!  I have one more concert to play before the year ends; for those of you who live in FL, (or if you are a “snowbird” who finds refuge from the cold there this time of year), I will be in West Palm Beach at the Kravis Center this 12/20.

Here is my year-end newsletter with a peek into next year’s album release.IMG_3991PHOTO: At Cedarhouse Sound & Mastering with Owner/Engineer Gerry Putnam and Fran Putnam


The Best Laid Plans…

…of mice and men often go astray, and best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley.” – from the Poem by Robert Burns, “To a Mouse”

Things can often go wrong even though you have carefully planned what you are going to do.

NASA launched a rocket today filled with supplies and experiments headed to the International Space Station. Twitter lit up with tweets about where to look in the sky after the launch. Alarms were set and countdowns were made. And then the launch.

The rocket blew up shortly after take off. All that work. Five thousand pounds of supplies and gear—poof. Fortunately there was no loss of human life, but my heart aches just thinking about all that PLANNING.

I was talking with a group of musician colleagues the other day. We were talking about what it meant to be “tour ready”. I mentioned my lists: what to pack, what to play, where to stay, where to eat, what CDs to bring, set lists, rehearsal schedules, load-in times. And then there was laughter. Because we all know what it means to have “the best laid plans.” My experience tells me that inevitably things will not go as planned. I’ll get lost. A flight might be late. My rental car might break down. The tech crew won’t be ready for my arrival. The hotel clerk won’t have any record of my reservation. All this despite my lists and my attention to detail.

It’s not what happens to us in our lives that counts, but how we react to the things that happen. I am embarrassed to say that I did not always handle unexpected changes with grace. I cursed under my breath, I was rude to the airline reservations clerk, I was annoyed by the long line at the rental car counter. But now? Now I breathe. Now I see that changes occur and these changes do not have to lead to upset, but, rather, to another experience. I don’t know ahead of time what that experience will be, but now I know I am up for it.

I hope everyone at NASA will breathe, recover and simple try again.

xo Robin


Rainy Day Craft Project #2

shelf re-doTeenaged girls collect lots of stuff. I should know. My daughter is turning 16. It’s not that she buys much, it’s just that over the years, friends and family have given her trinkets, nail polish, hairbands, lotions, potions and all kinds of sprays that smell good. What to do with it all? I found an interesting shelf at Goodwill a few weeks ago that I imagined would work well in my daughter’s bathroom, and I was right. Today it rained and my plan to weed the garden were foiled. I took out the shelf and got to work. The paint job in the photo looks pink, but the color I chose is actually more of a lilac color which matches the walls in our guest room upstairs across from this bathroom. I went through my scrapbook collection of stickers and decorative tape and added embellishments to the shelves as well as my daughter’s name on top. Perhaps this is not a family heirloom of lifetime “keeper” of all things girl, but it will do, for now.finishedshelf

Summer News

Hi Everyone, About four times a year I send out a newsletter. It used to be monthly, but now that everyone gets so much email, I decided that 4 times a year is plenty. Here is the latest news (click the blue link below). To get these in your inbox, please visit my home page and check out the subscribe link on the upper right.


below: photo from my recent TEDx TALK now on youtube

xo Robin

Here’s to the Grads

It’s that time of year—-graduation and senior prom photos are all over Facebook; and parents everywhere are asking where did the time go. In a few years, I’ll be one of them. But until then, congratulations to all the graduates out there!  xo Robin



Rainy Day Craft Project #1

IMG_5773 I went to a flea market this weekend and picked up a few items for $1 that I thought would be nice in my home if I added a little effort and creativity. The plus-side of only spending a buck is that if the project doesn’t turn out too well, no big loss. Believe me, I have created some pretty ugly projects that ended up in the scrap pile, but fortunately, this was not one of them.

The item I purchased was originally brown and meant to hang on the wall to hold letters, keys etc. I painted it a solid color and then used the paint left over from my hallway walls so it would blend in nicely in its new location.

Then I used a sponge dipped in white paint to add a bit of texture. It gives it a less polished look and more of a “shabby chic” look. There is a house and garden etched into the wood that is now more visible because the white paint settled into the etching. I had some flower stencils left over from another project, so I took out those and added the flowers and a few white scrapbook embellishments. This is now hanging in my back-of-the-house hallway and I will keep outgoing mail there, coupons etc. so I can grab them on my way out the door.IMG_5776

Everything in Time – (press play and read…)

Time is one concept I can’t seem to grasp. We are taught from an early age that time is a constant; then we live our lives and it never feels that way. Time moves slowly. Time moves too quickly. There is too much time and we are bored. There is not enough time and we can’t finish. Then there is the complicated part of time—the kind we have to count when music is written in 9/8 or 5/4—and the kind that is counted in increments nano-seconds for Olympic medal races. Time is a mystery, but one thing is for sure: you will only have regrets if you feel you have squandered it. So here’s to making the most of our time here, and here is a composition I composed that reflects my feelings about the nature of time. It is fast. It is slow. It is constantly reminding us that the tock is ticking. (sheet music & more here:The Nature of Time)

I Remember Spring….Do You?

Here it is March 17th and it is snowing. Hard. Be that as it may, Spring is unstoppable and she will be here…eventually…with all her gifts: flowers, warm breezes, sunshine, longer days, baby animals, birds nesting. Here is a sample of my song, “I Remember Spring” from my CD, A New Kind of Love. I hope it puts a “spring” in your step.

Here’s a photo of me from Spring in my garden with some of my favorite flowers: Allium “Globe Master” and Iris “Edith Warton”.


Fun Craft Project (snow day #1)

We had a lot of snow this Winter, and as a result, we’ve been indoors making music, art, crafts—that is, when we aren’t reading! Here is one project that was fun and easy to make. Perhaps you’ll want to do this with your son or daughter to pass the time on a rainy or snowy day. I am working on making my guest room a bit more inviting and personal and this seemed like a good place to start.

My guest room needed a mirror, but as the room is not very big, I just wanted one that would fit nicely over the guest dresser.

We started with a cheap store-bought mirror. It’s about 15″ on the longest side. This one was purchased at Walmart for about $3. The frame is white plastic.IMG_5327

Then we took out the glue gun, and went to town, affixing seashells we gathered from our trip to the Outer Banks.IMG_5335








The seashells have been sitting in a glass jar on a windowsill for years and until now, I never really noticed their beauty. It was like discovering them on thebeach all over again!

The result is a pretty/artsy mirror that not only enhances the decor of our guest room; it is a lovely reminder of our trip we made to our friends’ wedding in the Outer Banks. finished shell mirror