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Flower People

Gardeners are a distinct group. They don’t just admire plants, they have pitch forks in the trunk of their cars so they can dig them up—-from other people’s gardens. And if you are a fellow gardener, you won’t mind.

I was doing a little weeding in the front of my house last week and a woman in an SUV stopped in the middle of the road. She rolled down her window and asked me, “What is that pink flower growing by your mailbox?” I told her it was pink primrose and that they spread readily. She said, “GREAT! I’d love some.” My kind of gal.

I invited her to my back yard after the parked her car and we pulled up three batches of the plant for her to take home. Now if she’s the gardener I *think* she is, I’ll come home one day to find a new plant on my doorstep from her garden waiting for me.

A girl and her bike

Age 13 is odd for a girl. Too old to be treated like a child, too young to be treated like an adult. One minute you’re trying on make-up and the next you’re talking to your stuffed animals. Caught between two worlds, the desire for freedom is palatable, but not within reach.

But if you have a bike, you can escape and have the illusion of being free….at least for a while. Continue reading

The Buddha Stone

I’ve got a little stone figure in my garden…a mini Buddha. He sits among the boxwoods under the rose arbor. In Spring, the pink primrose surround him. I can see that stone Buddha from my office window and sometimes I am jealous. He looks so relaxed. Chilled out (or as my daughter puts it, “Chill-axed”). He doesn’t mind the heat, the rain, the humidity. He just IS. AND, he gets to take in the garden and all its glory all day long. He sees the birds flying by and looking for things with which to build their nests. He’s got the bees pollinating the flowers all around him, singing in his ear. He sees everything grow.

My goal this week is to go outside and just SIT DOWN like the Buddha stone and BE.

Robin’s Garden

My “Dreaming of Summer” CD was inspired by fond memories of summers gone by and my love of gardening. Much of the music I compose first comes to me while I am weeding, mulching and planting. I often practice piano mentally while outdoors, so if you see me out there and it looks like I am playing hookie…think twice! 🙂 -Robin


June, 2012

Hello Friends!

Lately it seems my music is showing up in strange and wonderful places! My piece “Take the Time” aired during a Kim & Courtney (Kardashian) Take New York show in E! Then I got word that a ballroom couple WON the slow waltz category in the Southern States Dancesport Competition to my song “A Song for Jennie”.And in the truly “wonderful” category, my CD Beautiful Dreamer was played while a new baby was being brought into the world.

I am home this Spring working on new music and other projects. New sheet music is being added to this site each month so be sure to check out the Music Shop!

It was an honor to be interviewed by Jim Bessman for The Examiner. (Jim is formerly of Billboard Magazine and is a very well-known music writer). You can read the interview here: