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Where Does It End?

I moved to South Central Pennsylvania seven years ago. I was told there was an old rail trail that was great for walking, cycling and horse back riding. Why I didn’t explore it until a few years ago, I can’t say.  One day it just occurred to me to go there.

The train used to run from York, PA to Baltimore, MD and to a few places in between. There is a photo at the Hanover station of Abraham Lincoln waiting to change trains before heading to Gettysburg (to make some kind of speech).

Hurricane Agnes caused a lot of damage in the 1970’s and train service ended. For good.

A few smart people decided to do what they could to make the trail of  some use. I’m glad they did. I hear it goes about 60 miles, but I’ve never seen the end or the beginning. Where does it start exactly? Where does it end?

I take my morning walks there and this is what it looks like this time of year. It’s amazing.

I hear a replica of the old steam engine train is being built and will come to the tracks in a few years, offering a glimpse of what it used to be to ride on this trail way back in Abe’s day. If it does, I am definitely going to board it. Maybe it will take me to the beginning…or to the end.


Endings and Beginnings

It’s October and I spent a large part of this weekend “putting away” the garden for the season. It’s a chore I find both sad and hopeful. After pulling out the dahlias, cutting down the daisies, cutting hydrangeas for drying (to make indoor arrangements), I pulled out the herbs and vegetables that were killed by the season’s first frost.

With the vegetable and herb beds bare, I saw an opportunity for new beginnings. I headed over to Landreth Seed Co., the oldest seed company in the country which happens to be located right here in town. I bought some heirloom and elephant garlic , sweet onions and hyacinths. October is the perfect time for planting these. The garlic and onions will set root this fall, and will be ready for harvest in late Spring. I can’t wait.

(pictured above, sage I dried for winter storage from the herb garden)

A Reason to Celebrate

In the 1980’s a group of NYU acting students started a theater company. I was one of those students. Here we are 30 years later, celebrating the completion of a two-year 7.2 million dollar renovation of our beloved theater space, The Linda Gross Theater (at the Atlantic Theater Company). While some of us (myself included) have moved on to other careers in the arts and are no longer acting on New York stages, we still all experience a tremendous connection to the theater, a bond with our fellow company members, and a pride that is undeniable. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to Atlantic, who has sat in the audience, and to all the company members past and present.

pictured: Atlantic Theater Company members Matthew Silver, Karen Kohlhaas, Hilary Hinckle,Siobhan Fallon, Robin Spielberg, Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, Larry Bryggman, Giancarlo Esposito, Lena Pepe next to company members Mary McCann & Neil Pepe