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Grow a Little Happiness

_MG_1027I was a little girl growing up in suburban New Jersey when I discovered that caring for plants made me feel good. My father planted a few tomato plants in a rose bed that had seen better days. I checked them each day for yellow flowers and watered them until their thirst was quenched. Later in the season we were rewarded with beautiful homegrown Jersey tomatoes. They graced our hamburger buns and salad plates, BLT’s and egg salad sandwiches. I felt so proud to have cared for them and to have helped them become what they were meant to become.

Now I am teaching my daughter the joys of planting a vegetable garden. We planted our lettuce seeds in early Spring and tonight we enjoyed our first harvest. After school she checks the progress of the plants while I weed the flower beds.

No matter where you live, New York City, suburbia USA, the country or in a dorm room, there is a place for a little flower pot, a seed and your love and care to help it on its way to becoming what it is meant to be. Grow something, and grow a little happiness.


Rejections Abound

Check out any music artist web site and you will see, hear and read about a stream of accomplishments. My own site will tell you that I was selected to the Steinway Artist Roster! My music was played on PBS! Look at that list of concert tour dates! Things are happening! Success, success, success! What any artist can tell you, if they are honest, is that rejections abound. They happen daily. Yes, daily.

My husband and I started an entertainment booking company over a decade ago to help live music artists get booked on tour. I was the first artist on the roster. You can accuse me of sleeping with my agent. I can’t deny it. It’s true.

And yet.

Whether the goal of the day is booking a show, getting a music writer to review a CD, procuring radio play, or getting awarded a music industry showcase, chances are, if you are a musician, you have heard “no” more than you have heard “yes”.

Stay the course my friends. Rejection is hard, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. This business is all about finding the right matches for your music, whether that be on stage, in print or on a disc. Keep playing, keep composing, and say yes to yourself. Say “yes” to your music. Eventually others will too.