Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Shame of the Shoes

I tried throwing them away. I really did. They were just so shabby; looking at them it was obviously the only thing to do. But five minutes later I found myself rifling through the trash can to retrieve them.

These weren’t just any shoes after all. These were my AIRPORT SHOES. My go-to pair. They have seen me through from New York to California, Maine to Florida, Montana to Ohio and all the way to Seoul, Korea. Easy-on and easy-off and oh so comfortable. So what is the problem you may ask? They are ugly. They are shabby. These are the shoes of a ninety-year old woman. And I’ve had them since 2004. They are cooked.

I’ve tried cowboy boots, sandals, Birkenstocks, sneakers, but the only shoes comfortable enough to see me through airport walks, flights, long walks through rental car parking lots were my ugly old lady shoes. Plus, I think I have an emotional attachment to them. They have seen me through so many things.

And here I am, with a tour coming up and I can’t bear to wear them and I can’t bear to part with them. Anyone know of a brand of shoe they love that are comfy and stylish that can replace them? If you do, email me:

Until then I am shabbily yours,