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Fancy Meeting You Here




I’m in the thick of my “book release tour” where I perform a concert, read excerpts from my new memoir and then meet folks afterward to sign books and talk about music and life.

This past weekend I played Joe’s Pub, the adorable yet hip club inside The Public Theater in Manhattan. I had played this venue before so I knew the drill for the sound check. I was in and out in a half hour. After the soundcheck I bumped into Wally Shawn. Literally. He was entering  the backstage area as I was exiting. He looked at me with that look. You know the one. That searching-for-a-name-look. That “how-do-I-know-you” look that I am sure is on my face a whole lot when people bump into me on the street.

“Wally?” I asked. “Is that you?”220px-Wallace_Shawn

“Yes,” the actor/playwright answered. I re-introduced myself, and reminded him we had met in Vermont one summer when I was acting in one of his plays (The Hotel Play) with The Atlantic Theater Company. We reminisced a bit about that remarkable summer.

“I have a show tonight,” I said. “Want to come?”

“I’d love to,” he responded, “But I have a show too!”

We both laughed.

“Well, aren’t we the lucky ones,” I said.

“Yes. Yes we are.”

I love that I ran into Wallace Shawn at the Public Theater before my show, and I love even more, almost 30 years after first meeting him, we are both still working in theaters we love.



Reading Aloud

I remember going to the library with my mother in Irvington, New Jersey. We walked there from our two-family house on Campfield Street. The library card was magphotoic. Possessing it meant we could leave the library with as many books as our arms could carry. My mother often sat with my sister and I flanked at her sides with the treasure on her lap, and she would read aloud. We’d take turns turning the pages.

Years later my husband and I would re-enact this scenario with our own daughter. The other day she gifted me: she read an English essay out loud to me while we drove to her music lesson. I had forgotten how wonderful it was to be read to.

I recorded an audiobook version of my new memoir. I really enjoyed reading it out loud and if you want me to read to you, just visit It’ll be like the old days.