Monthly Archives: January 2014

Getting Over “The Two Guys Incident”

color imageI found this photo recently. I am holding my mother’s hand in our Irvington, NJ apartment. I am waving goodbye. I wonder where we were going. I love how our clothes match. I don’t remember this particular day, but I do remember being about this age and getting lost in the Two Guys Department store. It was terrifying. I must have let go of my mother’s hand. It seems like I was lost for a very long time, but eventually we reconnected and all was well in the world once again. The next time we went shopping, I held on just a little tighter.

Silly. A little episode like that and I still remember it decades later. And… I still feel a little nervous when I am with someone and we become unexpectedly separated. Maybe it reminds me of what I now refer to as “The Two Guys” incident.

What do you remember that happened long ago that comes to mind now and then?

Here’s to holding hands.

xo Robin