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Fun Craft Project (snow day #1)

We had a lot of snow this Winter, and as a result, we’ve been indoors making music, art, crafts—that is, when we aren’t reading! Here is one project that was fun and easy to make. Perhaps you’ll want to do this with your son or daughter to pass the time on a rainy or snowy day. I am working on making my guest room a bit more inviting and personal and this seemed like a good place to start.

My guest room needed a mirror, but as the room is not very big, I just wanted one that would fit nicely over the guest dresser.

We started with a cheap store-bought mirror. It’s about 15″ on the longest side. This one was purchased at Walmart for about $3. The frame is white plastic.IMG_5327

Then we took out the glue gun, and went to town, affixing seashells we gathered from our trip to the Outer Banks.IMG_5335








The seashells have been sitting in a glass jar on a windowsill for years and until now, I never really noticed their beauty. It was like discovering them on thebeach all over again!

The result is a pretty/artsy mirror that not only enhances the decor of our guest room; it is a lovely reminder of our trip we made to our friends’ wedding in the Outer Banks. finished shell mirror