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Rainy Day Craft Project #2

shelf re-doTeenaged girls collect lots of stuff. I should know. My daughter is turning 16. It’s not that she buys much, it’s just that over the years, friends and family have given her trinkets, nail polish, hairbands, lotions, potions and all kinds of sprays that smell good. What to do with it all? I found an interesting shelf at Goodwill a few weeks ago that I imagined would work well in my daughter’s bathroom, and I was right. Today it rained and my plan to weed the garden were foiled. I took out the shelf and got to work. The paint job in the photo looks pink, but the color I chose is actually more of a lilac color which matches the walls in our guest room upstairs across from this bathroom. I went through my scrapbook collection of stickers and decorative tape and added embellishments to the shelves as well as my daughter’s name on top. Perhaps this is not a family heirloom of lifetime “keeper” of all things girl, but it will do, for now.finishedshelf