Monthly Archives: September 2015

Whadda Ya Know?

I was talking with a girlfriend the other day and she said, “How do you know so much about gardening?” and I laughed and told her I really didn’t know anything about gardening. And that made her laugh, because to her I am some sort of garden expert. I guess there is so much to learn about a subject as big as gardening that I never figured I knew much of anything at all. I am not a master gardener (yet) and I still make plenty of mistakes. I would probably give the same answer if someone asked me if I knew much about music. I’d probably say, “No, I don’t know much about music,” because given the enormity of the subject, I know very little.

We are never through with learning, but we might surprise ourselves with how much we have picked up along the way and how much knowledge we have accumulated.

So think of something you know about: cooking, canning, gardening, repairs, crafts, music—-and share it with a friend, through social media, with a family member. Post on Pinterest, share a recipe, seeds or a tip. Whaddayaknow? Tell me: robin@robinspielberg.com229071_1099425938057_4668175_n