Monthly Archives: March 2017

A while ago I posted this photo of my mother, who joined me during an east coast concert tour. It was so lovely having her with me for company and conversation. She has been “in the wings” for me as long as I can remember.

These past two years I have been in the wings for my daughter while she explored her college options. We visited schools and then visited them again. And again. We traveled together for auditions (she is planning on majoring in music performance) and jumped up and down as the acceptance letters began to come in. Choosing a school is hard. There are so many things to consider. My job was to be supportive and stay in the wings; my husband and I both knew this was a decision she would need to come to on her own. This, perhaps, was the hardest part! This week, Valerie made her decision. She will be attending a beautiful small private college and majoring in music. We are so proud of her. It seems like just yesterday that I was composing the piece, “Until You Come Home,” when she first left to start first grade. And here we are.

To all the mamas and the papas in the wings cheering your kids on, here’s to you! It’s not always an easy job, but it is the best one.

above: our daughter, Valerie, practicing for a concerto competition (she won!)