Our 13 year old cat Tilly is an “indoor cat,” but occasionally enjoys a little saunter in the garden outside my office. In her own cat-like way, Tilly asked to go out. I opened the door and she stepped out into the world.Then she changed her mind.

I understand how Tilly felt.

I lived in Manhattan for nine years and sometimes fantasize about moving back. The restaurants, the theater, the music, the energy, the shopping, my NYU friends, the excitement…why did I ever leave? 

I suppose I could write pages about why I was in love with Manhattan, but the main point here is that somewhere along the way, I changed my mind. And when I did, I just turned myself around and walked back in the opposite direction. 

Not all decisions have to be forever. Need to turn yourself around? Go ahead. Tilly the cat says it’s ok. 




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