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Another Time Another PlaceI am writing you from my host’s home in Salt Lake City Utah. Last night the lovely pianist Michele McLaughlin hosted a house concert in her beautiful home and a few dozen people came out to hear us play. We told stories and played her gorgeous Fazioli piano which overlooks the valley. It was the perfect “piano parlour soiree” and the appropriate setting for me to premiere work from my newest collection of piano solos, “Another Time, Another Place.” Some members of the audience had driven all the way from Idaho, Montana to enjoy this intimate piano experience, and that it was. During intermission those gathered here nibbled on refreshments and mingled and told us their stories. I received hugs from almost everyone. One person had recently lost her brother unexpectedly and in the tears she shed during “After All,” she found healing. Another told me that each Christmas for the past 15 years her family has gathered around to the sounds of “In the Heart of Winter,” and another told me that he was “dragged here” and reluctant to go to a piano concert but was oh so glad he did because now he just felt better. And that’s what it’s all about. I feel better too—when I compose music and share it with you.

Two more days until my CD is launched and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Here is an interview I did that you might enjoy.

xo Robin

About Time

Our lives: they are all about TIME, aren’t they? What we do with it, what we make of it, how we view it. I have been obsessed with the concept of time ever since learning how to read a clock. Tick, tick, tick. Time seems like a constant, but it doesn’t feel that way. Ever. It seems to move too quickly, or too slowly. It flies when we are having fun, it stalls when we are in pain, we wake up in our old age wondering where the heck it went.

CD BookletMy new CD (due out April 28th) was inspired by time and all its mysteries.

In keeping with the music’s theme, my site has antique-inspired watch necklaces to bring out the time traveler in you.Click here to order


The link below will take you to my MARCH news.  Happy Spring, Robin


American Chanukah

Traditional selections, Robin’s beautiful original songs, and a few contemporary pieces are seamlessly woven into the quintessential Chanukah collection

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The music on American Chanukah is of the highest order…the album provides highlight after highlight. There is not a single weak track on this CD…the extensive notes provided allow the more curious listener to delve deeper into the music and its inspiration, but it works equally as well to the casual piano lover, who wants to be entertained for over fifty-three minutes by memorable, exquisite melodies. A fascinating, deeply personal CD, and one that without question is deserving of the Piano Heaven Gold award. Robin Spielberg has such a delicate touch with the piano, and she and it are as one. Brava, Ms. Spielberg!” -SC Piano Heaven UK

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A New Kind of Love

A New Kind of Love marks Robin’s return to creating the kind of music for which she is most famous: melodic soundtracks for her life’s journey. Exploring friendships, world beauty, the passage of time and the transition of seasons, the CD is an intimate listening experience bound to resonate with Spielberg’s legions of fans as well as those new to her music.

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SONG LIST: (Listen to a preview of any of the songs on iTunes) A New Kind of Love - Robin Spielberg

  1. I Remember Spring
  2. A Walk Between the Raindrops
  3. Until You Come Home
  4. The Orange Fox Waits
  5. This Busy Life
  6. Hymn
  7. My Memory
  8. Picking Flowers
  9. A New Kind of Love
  10. Starlight
  11. Seeing You Seeing Me
  12. Winter Sonata (Gyeoeul Yeonga)
  13. I Dream of You
  14. Eileen
  15. It’s All Just as Well

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Dreaming of Summer

Dreaming of Summer is a beautiful recording containing exquisitely played original piano solos inspired by the artist’s favorite season, Summer! The CD’s bonus track, “An Improvisation on the Canon in D” is Robin’s #1 download on iTunes and famous throughout the world.

SONG LIST:(Click the iTunes button for a free listen to any of the songs) Dreaming of Summer (Piano Solos) - Robin Spielberg

  1. Dreaming of Summer VIDEO of Robin playing this song
  2. Wherever You Go
  3. Wedding on the Mountain
  4. The 2am Gardener
  5. Because of You
  6. Forgiving Winter
  7. Flying
  8. Remembering You
  9. Saving the Irises
  10. One Last Look (see video of Robin playing this selection)
  11. Turn the Page
  12. An Improvisation on the Canon in D (bonus track) VIDEO of Robin playing this song

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In the Arms of the Wind

Originally released in 1997 on the North Star Music label, In the Arms of the Wind is now part of Robin’s own playMountain Music catalog.

The songs: 1. Dancing In the Quiet Rain 2. Just Float Away 3. Pages, Princesses and Daughters 4. That’s How the Story Goes  (sheet music pdf available) 5. Butterfly 6. In the Arms of the Wind 7. Take the Time (Learning to Knit) 8. The Softball Game/A Swim in the Quarry 9. Dawn at Walden Place 10. Dromberg Circle Dance 11. A Kitten’s First Snow 12. Dream On

All pieces composed, arranged and performed by Robin Spielberg “Pages, Princesses and Daughters” composed by Robin Spielberg and Chris Theriault Produced by Robin Spielberg and Gerry Putnam


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Sea to Shining Sea: A Tapestry of American Music

Sea to Shining Sea is a departure from many of my other recordings in that all of the tracks (save for two) are arranged for ensemble. There are songs on this recording I grew up singing, and there are songs on this recording your parents grew up singing. (And I bet your grandparents and their parents knew many of them too.)

From the Civil War to the Gold Rush to the great wave of immigration in the 1900s, these songs chronicled journeys, hardships and love in music, as the singers of the songs discovered the beauty and the majesty of America. In this tradition, a few Robin Spielberg originals are mixed into what we call `Americana` or `Roots` selections, creating a true tapestry of American music. My hope is that as you enjoy this music, you will share it with the next generation of listeners.

Happy listening. Happy reminiscing, Robin

Buy the CD     Check it out on iTunes SONG LIST:

  1. Sweet Betsey From Pike
  2. Home on the Range
  3. My Bonnie
  4. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
  5. Oh Susannah
  6. My Grandfather’s Clock
  7. Bicycle Built for Two (Daisy Bell)
  8. Danny Boy
  9. April Showers
  10. America the Beautiful
  11. Aura Lee
  12. You Are My Sunshine
  13. In the Good Old Summertime
  14. The Water is Wide
  15. Lolly-Lou-Lolly Lee*
  16. Oh Shenandoah
  17. I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
  18. The Band Played On
  19. Circle of Life
  20. Look to Tomorrow*

**Robin Spielberg original

The Musicians Piano: Robin Spielberg Fiddle/Guitar/Vocals:Kate MacLeod Cello: Catherine Bent Oboe/English Horn: Nancy Rumbel Percussion: Paul Henle Marimba/Bells: Valerie Spielberg Kosson Back-up Vocals: Brinkley Brown, Valerie Kosson, Robin Spielberg Kosson Kalimba and additional percussion: Robin Spielberg

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Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer is a collection of lullabies arranged, performed & produced by Robin Spielberg on solo piano. A beautiful recording, a wonderful gift. Child Magazine included this collection of lullabies and children’s songs on their  “Best CDs for children.”

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Beautiful Dreamer is played in NICU’s throughout the US. $1 from the sale of each CD will benefit The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA).

The Songs (Click the iTunes button to preview any of the songs) Beautiful Dreamer - Robin Spielberg 1. Beautiful Dreamer 2. Lullaby & Goodnight (The Brahms Lullaby) 3. The Inch Worm (From “Hans Christian Andersen”) 4. Lavender Blue (From Walt Disney`s “Dumbo”) 5. Sing (from “Sesame Street”) 6. The Water Is Wide 7. Puff the Magic Dragon 8. Valerie 9. Childrens Medley (I`m A Little Teapot, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus, Row Row Row Your Boat) VIDEO HERE 10. On Top of Old Smokey 11. Edelweiss (From “The Sound of Music”) 12. You Are So Beautiful 13. Goodnight Irene


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Unchained Melodies

Unchained Melodies contains solo piano arrangements of familiar songs from movies, musicals, and radio of yesteryear. Buy CD


  1. Soon It’s Gonna Rain (From the musical, The Fantasticks)
  2. Moonlight in Vermont
  3. Moon River
  4. Try to Remember (From the musical, The Fantasticks)
  5. Speak Softly Love (Love theme from The Godfather) sheet music available
  6. Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
  7. Hello Young Lovers (from the musical, The King & I)
  8. Unchained Melody
  9. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  10. My Funny Valentine
  11. They Were You (From the musical, The Fantasticks)
  12. If You Really Knew Me (From the musical, They’re Playing Our Song)
  13. Anywhere I Wander (From the musical, Hans Christian Andersen)
  14. I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face (from the musical My Fair Lady)

“I grew up in a house that sang. And whistled. And hummed. My mother listened to an “oldies” station that played tunes she grew up with, and she taught these songs to me. I’d “sound out the notes” on the piano and we’d have these unplanned sing-alongs that would last past my bedtime. We sang everything: songs from Broadway, standards, movie songs, and the latest chart-busters. And even though a lot of time has gone by since those sing-along days at my parents’ house, I can still tune in on the radio and hear any one of our favorites. Some songs simply transcend time. They survive fads and trends. They have staying power because they touch our hearts in a way that only fine music can. This recording contains my arrangements of some of my favorite melodies. I hope you enjoy them.” – Robin

This album is dedicated to my parents.

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With a Song in My Heart

With a Song in My Heart is a beautiful recording containing Robin’s original arrangements of songs from American musicals, American radio and American film. This CD picks up where Unchained Melodies left off and includes familiar music that spans eight decades.

Buy CD The Songs: (Listen to any of the songs by clicking on the iTunes button) With a Song In My Heart - Robin Spielberg 1. Memories of You (1930 Eubie Blake) 2. Time in a Bottle (1971 Jim Croce) 3. Hi Lilli Hi Lo (from the film, “Lily”) 4. Jean (from the film, “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” 5. As Long As He Needs Me (from the Broadway musical, “Oliver”) 6. The Surrey with the Fringe on Top (from the Broadway musical “Oklahoma”) 7. Killing Me Softly (made famous by singer Roberta Flack 1970’s) 8. With You (from the Broadway musical, “Pippin”) 9. That’s All (oringally famous in 1952 and then featured in the film, “Tootsie”) 10. Save the Best for Last (made popular by Vanessa Williams 1990’s) 11. Once You Lose Your Heart (from the Broadway musical, “Me and My Girl”) 12. Someone that I Used To Love 13. With a Song in My Heart (from the musical “Spring is Here”)

All pieces arranged and performed by Robin Spielberg Produced by Robin Spielberg, Honey Spielberg, and Larry Kosson for playMountain Music