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About Time

Our lives: they are all about TIME, aren’t they? What we do with it, what we make of it, how we view it. I have been obsessed with the concept of time ever since learning how to read a clock. Tick, tick, tick. Time seems like a constant, but it doesn’t feel that way. Ever. It seems to move too quickly, or too slowly. It flies when we are having fun, it stalls when we are in pain, we wake up in our old age wondering where the heck it went.

CD BookletMy new CD (due out April 28th) was inspired by time and all its mysteries.

In keeping with the music’s theme, my site has antique-inspired watch necklaces to bring out the time traveler in you.Click here to order


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Summer News

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below: photo from my recent TEDx TALK now on youtube

xo Robin

Here’s to the Grads

It’s that time of year—-graduation and senior prom photos are all over Facebook; and parents everywhere are asking where did the time go. In a few years, I’ll be one of them. But until then, congratulations to all the graduates out there!  xo Robin



Everything in Time – (press play and read…)

Time is one concept I can’t seem to grasp. We are taught from an early age that time is a constant; then we live our lives and it never feels that way. Time moves slowly. Time moves too quickly. There is too much time and we are bored. There is not enough time and we can’t finish. Then there is the complicated part of time—the kind we have to count when music is written in 9/8 or 5/4—and the kind that is counted in increments nano-seconds for Olympic medal races. Time is a mystery, but one thing is for sure: you will only have regrets if you feel you have squandered it. So here’s to making the most of our time here, and here is a composition I composed that reflects my feelings about the nature of time. It is fast. It is slow. It is constantly reminding us that the tock is ticking. (sheet music & more here:The Nature of Time)

I Remember Spring….Do You?

Here it is March 17th and it is snowing. Hard. Be that as it may, Spring is unstoppable and she will be here…eventually…with all her gifts: flowers, warm breezes, sunshine, longer days, baby animals, birds nesting. Here is a sample of my song, “I Remember Spring” from my CD, A New Kind of Love. I hope it puts a “spring” in your step.

Here’s a photo of me from Spring in my garden with some of my favorite flowers: Allium “Globe Master” and Iris “Edith Warton”.


Getting Over “The Two Guys Incident”

color imageI found this photo recently. I am holding my mother’s hand in our Irvington, NJ apartment. I am waving goodbye. I wonder where we were going. I love how our clothes match. I don’t remember this particular day, but I do remember being about this age and getting lost in the Two Guys Department store. It was terrifying. I must have let go of my mother’s hand. It seems like I was lost for a very long time, but eventually we reconnected and all was well in the world once again. The next time we went shopping, I held on just a little tighter.

Silly. A little episode like that and I still remember it decades later. And… I still feel a little nervous when I am with someone and we become unexpectedly separated. Maybe it reminds me of what I now refer to as “The Two Guys” incident.

What do you remember that happened long ago that comes to mind now and then?

Here’s to holding hands.

xo Robin


Fancy Meeting You Here




I’m in the thick of my “book release tour” where I perform a concert, read excerpts from my new memoir and then meet folks afterward to sign books and talk about music and life.

This past weekend I played Joe’s Pub, the adorable yet hip club inside The Public Theater in Manhattan. I had played this venue before so I knew the drill for the sound check. I was in and out in a half hour. After the soundcheck I bumped into Wally Shawn. Literally. He was entering  the backstage area as I was exiting. He looked at me with that look. You know the one. That searching-for-a-name-look. That “how-do-I-know-you” look that I am sure is on my face a whole lot when people bump into me on the street.

“Wally?” I asked. “Is that you?”220px-Wallace_Shawn

“Yes,” the actor/playwright answered. I re-introduced myself, and reminded him we had met in Vermont one summer when I was acting in one of his plays (The Hotel Play) with The Atlantic Theater Company. We reminisced a bit about that remarkable summer.

“I have a show tonight,” I said. “Want to come?”

“I’d love to,” he responded, “But I have a show too!”

We both laughed.

“Well, aren’t we the lucky ones,” I said.

“Yes. Yes we are.”

I love that I ran into Wallace Shawn at the Public Theater before my show, and I love even more, almost 30 years after first meeting him, we are both still working in theaters we love.



Reading Aloud

I remember going to the library with my mother in Irvington, New Jersey. We walked there from our two-family house on Campfield Street. The library card was magphotoic. Possessing it meant we could leave the library with as many books as our arms could carry. My mother often sat with my sister and I flanked at her sides with the treasure on her lap, and she would read aloud. We’d take turns turning the pages.

Years later my husband and I would re-enact this scenario with our own daughter. The other day she gifted me: she read an English essay out loud to me while we drove to her music lesson. I had forgotten how wonderful it was to be read to.

I recorded an audiobook version of my new memoir. I really enjoyed reading it out loud and if you want me to read to you, just visit It’ll be like the old days.