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Growing Up

I’ve been waxing sentimental lately. My daughter just entered the 8th grade and it seems like only yesterday I was singing her lullabies and sharing with her the songs from my own childhood. I recorded many of these on my album “Beautiful Dreamer” (which contains a photo of Valerie on the cover as a baby). I have an early memory of being in pre-school myself (at a library in Irvington, NJ) and learning “I’m a Little Teapot”. How delighted I was with that song! I sang it again and again to my beaming relatives, with all the hand and body movements. How fun it was to teach this song to my daughter Valerie and watch her delight in it.

The childhood songs that comforted us and soothed us live on; they are handed down from generation to generation. And while I am sad to be finished with that part of my child’s upbringing, I know the music lives in her and one day she will share this music with her children.

Several of the songs from “Beautiful Dreamer” are now available in sheet music for solo piano. They are a delight to play and remember.